Solar Covers are NOT just for Pools!

Did you know that the chemicals you are using in your spa/hot tubs eventually will seep through to your cover through the underside and cause the materials to breakdown?  Did you wonder how is it my cover has become so “saturated” and heavy?

If you buy a solar cover for your spa/hot tub it will help prevent these things.  By using a solar cover it also keeps the heat in better AND will help keep your electric bill from going up!  Proper insulation of your spa/hot tubs is essential and a solar cover  will help keep those electric bills under control.

Call us today to get your Solar Cover for your spa/hot tub!

Pool Closings – We still have a few dates available

It doesn’t feel like FALL, not the last couple of days anyway right! But it is going to turn colder and those leaves are already starting to fall. It is not too late to call and schedule your pool closing! We still have a few dates left in October but don’t wait too long!

Call Barb today to schedule your pool for winterizing! 616-862-1589

Also, if your hot tub/spa needs a new cover before the snow flies we are a full service dealer for accessories and chemicals.

Time to Close those Pools!

Well, summer 2017 is officially done and it is time to close those pools! You’re busy getting those kiddos back to school/college so let us take the responsibility of getting that pool closed up off your plate. Dates are filling up fast so call us today to schedule your pool closing 616-862-1589. Don’t forget now is the time to have your SPA and Hot Tubs checked over too so you are ready for those chilly nights and star filled nights!

Pool and Spa Tile Repair without draining!

So, you have tiles on your pool or spa that have come off and it is going to mean you have to drain your pool or spa…Not any more!  WE can now replace those tiles UNDER WATER keeping more money in your pocket! Call us today and ask about our UNDERWATER MAGIC! Check out our video that is here on our website.


SUMMER IS HERE AND SO IS THE POLLEN!  You’ve been wishing for warmer weather and We have it!  We also have the Pollen and Dog Wood flying through the air.  Make sure you are keeping your filter skimmers clean or you run the risk of doing some serious damage to your filter and motor.  We carry “Skimmer Socks” that will help you with that.  A light nylon “sock” that fits over your Skimmer basket preventing debris from getting down into your filter.  These inexpensive socks are only pennies to use and can save you big bucks from damage to your system.  Call us today. 616 862 1589 or 616 887 9334

Swimming Season 2017 ALMOST HERE!

The days are getting longer and WARMER!  Many of you are already calling to get your Pool Opening dates on our books!  Don’t wait too long if you want to be enjoying your pool for Memorial Day.  Call today 616-862-1589 and get your date reserved.

We have a great new system this year that can reduce the use of pool chemicals up to 80%!  Call today to find out the details.

Time to schedule your pool opening!
Time to schedule your pool opening!



It is hard to start thinking about opening your pools and spas when there is still snow flying in the air!  But, spring will be here sooner than you realize.  Give is a call to get your pool opening on our books.  Or, if you know your liner is in need of replacement or your pool needs painting it is never to early to book a date (weather permitting).  Give us a call at   616-887-9334 or email us

We can make your pool look new again!




You and your loved ones are not the only ones that need sunscreen!
With the onset of Summer and hotter temperatures, few clouds and sunnier days you will be using more Chlorine in your Swimming Pools.  You need to be sure and use “Sun Screen for Chlorine”, what is that you ask?   A stabilizer called Cyanuric Acid helps protect against chlorine loss from exposure to excessive sunlight.  Ideal leval is 30 to 50 PPM Total Alkalinity.  Call us today for all your Swimming Pool Chemical Needs.

Time to schedule Pool Opening!

We had a very light Winter and it is looking more and more like we will have an early Spring.  So, that means plan ahead and get your pool opening on our books!  You don’t want to miss a single day of the 2016 swimming season.  Call us today at 616-550-7033 or email us to schedule your pool opening and systems check up.  Book before March 31st and receive 10% off (not to be combined with other offers).  Want to save even more? Save 10% on your first order of pool chemicals when you refer a friend that schedules their opening!  Don’t delay call the Professionals today!


Early Booking Pool Opening SPECIAL!

Baby it is cold outside, but you are dreaming of warmer weather right?  Well now is the time to take advantage of our “Early Booking” pool opening special!   Call or email us today and schedule your pool to be opened and save 5%, want to save more? Of course you do, refer a friend and if they book with us we will TRIPLE your discount to 15%!  Don’t wait the calendar is already filling up!  Call 616-550-7033 or 616-887-9334  or email us at