Project Description

Client:   Private Owned Pool
Location:   Grand Rapids, MI
Year Completed:   2014 Spring

Job cost $275  Savings to customer $6,000 (if it had been left as you see the before photo one full summer the walls would have had to be re-Marcited

The Challenges

This home owner did not cover their pool over the fall/winter and all the Oak leaves from the surrounding trees fell into the pool.  Oak leaves are very acidic and create a Tannic Acid that leave the pool stained brown.  If left untreated it will eat right through the Marcite on the walls.  This can cost up to $6,000 to have them redone.
We went in, drained the pool, gave it a strong acid wash and followed up with a chlorine rinse and filled.  The after photo says it all!  They did not need to have their pool painted.
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